We make exceptional hand-baked, hand-frosted cookies for people and places whose stories are worth celebrating.

From a kitchen built by Ephraim Ware in 1790, we're establishing a new standard for custom cookies in Metro West Boston. Every one of our hybrid sugar / shortbread cookies is made from scratch, and designed to elicit laughter, smiles, or tears at celebrations of every kind.

Summer milestones and memories

With school out for the Summer, most of our work turns to celebrating life's milestones: birthdays, anniversaries, and family events in our community. These are some of our favorite commissions, and the best chance to tell great stories together.

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Our cookies are sold by the dozen. Most projects are $60.00 for the first dozen, with orders of two dozen or more priced at $4.00 per cookie. Particularly involved or complicated projects may be subject to an additional decorating charge. Don't worry — we'll work it out with you ahead of time and provide you with a full cost in advance.


We typically book two weeks or more in advance, though cancelations and seasonality means that we sometimes have windows of available time in the kitchen. Please contact us for specific availability — and we can usually work something around reasonable inquiries. We do not charge for rush orders if time is available.

  • “We love Ware Baking Co.! Home delivery is so convenient, and always punctual. We have used their beautiful cookies for gifts, Halloween "Ghosting", and a personal favorite was an Easter cookie decorating party with Ware's "decorate your own" Easter boxes. Every order has been both delicious and beautiful!”

    – Martha, Wellesley, MA

  • "Ware’s cookies are delicious! Their customer service is top notch. Their seasonal baking kits are a big hit in our house! Custom work is always amazing - whether gifts for the soccer team, graduation themed cookies, or special treats for your coworkers. Highly recommend!”

    – Gioia, Brookline, MA

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    Ware Baking Co.
    303 Worcester Street
    Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts


  • Ware is an occasional bakery, owned and operated by Karen and Ian Fitzpatrick, from a home kitchen built by Ephraim Ware in 1790. Our recipes do not contain nuts — but we do not have a nut-free home. Please order accordingly, and let us know how we can best consider the needs of those who you are celebrating.