About Ware

Ware is an occasional bakery.

To us, this means that we exist when and where we matter to the community. We have no storefront because the overhead that comes with a storefront leads to other decisions that don’t have much to do with making others (and ourselves) happy. Instead, we show up with a limited number of products for purchase around special occasions. Keeping the releases limited allows us to source good ingredients, control the quality of what we put into the world, and stay connected to our baked goods by making them ourselves. We’re not trying to build an empire: small-batch product drops allow us to try new things that augment our core custom bakery business.

Ware is real people.

Ware is Karen and Ian Fitzpatrick. Karen is a baker. Ian works for a footwear and apparel brand. We run Ware from the kitchen of a house built in 1790 in what was then West Needham (now Wellesley), Massachusetts. Karen runs the bakery, while Ian manages the back-of-house and operations.

To Ware is human.

Everything we deliver is baked in a clean, modern space, to the highest quality standards we know. In this complicated time, our kitchen is free from guests and visitors, and all baking and delivery are taking place with PPE in place. No Ware product to-date has used nuts (nor do we have any planned), but we are not a nut-free home.

Ware is an effort at continuous improvement.

We don’t have any of this figured out. Our products are an opportunity to try new things: new recipes, new packaging, new delivery methods, new pricing models. We do this not because ‘the bakery model is broken’, but rather because Ware is an opportunity to do things that don’t scale, to connect a little more with our community, and to see where we can generate the most happiness with the smallest footprint.

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